Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Bowl Blues

Chicago's Super Bowl dreams have been dashed once again. That's nothing new, but we get so dang hopeful every dang time. We are optimistic always. But Cutler is useless. That poor Todd Collins guy was tragic. Hanie gave a really good effort, but I think the rest of the Bears had given up at that point.
These days sure are long gone! My Big Girl was only 5 when we danced the Super Bowl Shuffle all afternoon at Paulette's house.

That was only 26 years ago...

But we never forget. Here in Chicago, we hold on hard to our championships.

I need you to know, I really do not care much about football in the Big Picture. It's not my bag. I'm more into the girly stuff like figure skating or gymnastics. Or you know, ballet.

I love this kind of lovely-ness.


I take my quarterbacks very seriously. They have certain standards they must live up to, to satisfy me.

(I know this is going to be some serious kind of treason in my part of town.)

Aaron Rodgers is my kind of quarterback.

Strong of jaw.

Swift of action.

Eagle-y of eye.

Oh, and um, extremely easy on the eyes!

I think I've finally found a suitable replacement for the Legendary Joe Montana:

whom I just found out, via our friends at Wikipedia, is almost exactly one year older me than me, which is a happy surprise. I thought he was younger. And he still looks dynamite.

(and the very saddest thing of all? When I saved that second, more current and still dee-licious picture of Golden Joe to my files, I labeled it "Old Joe Montana".)

Ehh-age is just a number.

For the next two weeks, I'm sticking with #12!