Friday, July 30, 2010

New Extra-Affordable Faux Wood Blinds

United Supply has come out with their brand new Pinnacle faux wood blinds line! We got a hint about it in June, but this incredibly affordable line has just debuted. In fact they're SO new, I can't download any photos yets. But I've seen them in person and they are just beautiful. These premium 2" shades, which are available in three classic shades of white come with all the bells and whistles, such as a clean-lined decorative faux wood valance to hide the headrail, a breakaway cord consolidator (so important for child safety), decorative wood tassel and trapezoidal bottom rail, which provides tighter closure than a rectangular bottom rail.

However, what is really special about these shades is their exclusive light blocking feature, which cuts down on those eye-piercing pin hole rays of sunshine at 6am that always seem to be pointed directly in your face. Not only that, they are stronger and lighter than other competitors' shades, making them much easier to lift and operate. They will not warp or yellow in up to 140' temperatures. That sounds a lot like this summer, doesn't it? And the slats are attached to the cording ladder, which means the slats won't shift back and forth. If you've ever spent time lining up the slats on your wood blinds, you know what I'm talking about... Another great feature is these shades are lead and VOC-free, meaning they manufactured with no dangerous chemicals. So important in bedrooms and nurseries.

Now I know you are asking the Big Question: just how extra-affordable are these super-duper magic shades? Here is a sample price: one shade at 36" wide and 48" long retails at $95.00. (and that doesn't include the current LFCDS 20% discount.) cha-ching!
A comparable Everwoods shade by Hunter Douglas retails about $178.00. I'd call that pretty substantial savings, wouldn't you?

I just love finding great products at great prices!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dog Days

It's the end of a long hot July here, and Wrigley and I've about had it with this heat. So in honor of these Dog Days of Summer, we're having a sale at Lee Frew Custom Drapery Studio. We're knocking a whopping 20% off fabric and labor. So if you're like me and weary of looking at the same four walls while we hide from the heat and humidity, give us a call.

You'd be amazed what a perk a little change can bring, whether it's a full-blown overhaul, some fresh valances or just a couple of bright pillows! Check us out at

And in the meantime, a lovely tall glass of iced tea with mint will help take the edge off...

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The ToteBags are ready to go at the Algonquin Founders Market and Bazaar tomorrow! I am making myself nuts over these things. One minute, I look at them and think they are so cute. The next minute I think they are so 'old lady-looking'. Or shall I say mature-looking, since I am rapidly falling into the Old Lady category.
But I shall go in with a positive attitude, despite the weather predictions of heinous heat and general thundery mayhem. It'll be fun to hang with My Big Girl for a day.
And the Founders Day Fair is full of really fun things to do, from cat and dog shows to Little Miss and Mr. contests to a bake-off to a bicycle parade. Real, genuine, home-town fun. So if you crave a little small-town charm and atmosphere, come on out and see us!

It's Been A Month

...since I last posted. Where has the time gone? I sure don't know.

Trying something new tomorrow: my daughter Chrissy, who is the creative genius and driving force behind Stinkerbell Accessories, has a booth in the Algonquin Founders Market and Bazaar tomorrow. So I've whipped up some cute tote bags and am joining her for the day.

It's fun making these bags; one detail leads to another and some are way more intricate than I originally planned.

Curious? Since they are still in production I don't have any pics yet. So you'll just have to stop by our booth and say hi!
Oh, and check out Chrissy's website:
Lots of cute accessories for little girls!