Thursday, October 28, 2010

Extreme Displeasure!

Mike and I are outraged by the Project Runway Finale!

As you know, I was seriously rooting for Mondo. I am sad to say, I was disappointed by Mondo's collection; it was a little too circus-y for me. But Andy! Andy's collection was lovely. And ethereal. And breathtaking. Dare I say they were spun from angels' dreams?

well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration....

And yet.....Gretchen won.

Can anyone tell me that this:

and this:

are better than this:

and this:

Well, you can believe that we at the Frew Household are Extremely Displeased!
(but our Family Dinner was delish and we had a wonderful time together!)

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  1. As was I. Frankly, I thought Micheal C should have had the chance. You can't kick a guy out for having similar colors down the runway. I don't buy clothes "because they need to tell a story." (Nina, you uber biatch.) But I do buy them when they're beautiful and make me feel like a goddess in them. I am severely disappointed. I was not overly impressed with anyone. Guh.