Monday, August 9, 2010

One Hundred and Five

One Hundred and Five.  That's how many days til Thanksgiving.  Fifteen weeks and three days.  Sounds like lots of cushion, doesn't it?  Well, hold onto your hats, because if August, September, October and November pass by the way July did, we are going to be eating turkey leftovers before you can say "Halloween Candy"!

And then you know what comes just four weeks later......

Yep, that's the Ghost of Christmas Present!

Well, the gist of all this is this:  if you are thinking of re-decorating before the holidays, I kid you not: don't wait another minute longer.  Mills and fabric companies no longer stock fabrics the way they used to.  It is pretty common to hear about 10-12 week backorders on fabrics now.  That takes you all the way to Halloween and then it's a hop skip and a jump to Christmas and Chanukah, with the entire extended family sitting in your family room and your Aunt Ethel is surreptitiously checking out your old sheers over fourth Cousin, twice-removed, Bob's shoulder.

So if you are thinking of refreshing your indoor look, it's time to call your favorite decorator.  Whether you are just plain tired of looking at the same old-same old, or want to treat yourself to a little somethin-somethin new OR if you saw the Old Farmer's Almanac which is predicting a horrendous winter for the midwest and insulating your windows against the cold and damp is going to keep your hard-earned $$$ in your pocket, not Nicor's, don't wait too much longer!

Then you can sit back after the holidays and let the men clean up!

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